Signature Book
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What does a SignatureBook look like?
SignatureBooks are available in 3 different book styles with varying finishes, covers, and sizes to choose from. All photobooks are professionally designed and printed. They are all published with a hard-back cover and individually hand-stitched and bound to ensure longevity.
What kind of paper is used and how long will it last?
SignatureBooks are printed using state-of-the art digital offset-style print process. The pages are an archival, acid free premium quality 200gsm satin paper (book style 2 and 3) or 180gsm satin paper with a varnish, gloss or matt laminated finish (book style 1).
How many pages (sides) are in a SignatureBook?
SignatureBooks can have 30, 40, 60 or 80 pages (sides) in all three book styles.
How many photos are on a page?
The number of photos on a page will vary from page to page depending on the type and quality of the photos provided and the design layout of the actual pages. Refer to book styles for a guide of the number of photos to supply for the corresponding number of pages in a book. This gives us flexibility to be creative with the design of the page layouts. Generally we will use a mix of feature pages, where a photo fills the entire page, together with pages containing 3,4 or 6 smaller photos.
How many copies of a SignatureBook can I order?
Unlike conventional printing where short print-runs are not cost effective, you can order any number of SignatureBook copies from 1 to 200.
How do I prepare my photos?
It is important to note that the quality of your final printed photobook is dependant on the quality of the digital images provided. To get the best result out of your SignatureBook the following is recommended: Ensure you supply the highest resolution digital images that is possible. The larger the original photo file size, the better the quality of the printing and also enables flexibility when enlarging the images. Our professional designer will ensure images are not enlarged further than quality printing standards will allow. A small amount of photo editing, such as brightening, sharpening, cropping and colour adjustment, is included in the overall price of the books.

What type of files do you accept?
Photographs can be supplied on CD/DVD in high quality JPEG or TIF file format, preferably with a minimum resolution of 300ppi. Where necessary, images supplied will be resized to correct resolution for individual photobook. JPEG or TIF images can be supplied in either of the two colour spaces: Adobe RGB or sRGB. This is the colour space automatically formatted by most digital cameras for shooting digital photos. Professional photographers may select to shoot Adobe RGB by adjusting their camera settings.

If required, we provide professional scanning services of photo prints, transparencies or drawings at an additional cost.

Can you print black and white images?
Yes, we can create professional quality Photoshop black and white images from your colour JPEGS or TIF (Photoshop compatible) digital images.

Can I make revisions to the design layouts of my SignatureBook?
Yes, the overall book price includes up to 3 page revisions at no additional charge to the PDF of final book design sent to you prior to printing. Thereafter, any further changes will be an additional cost. Please refer to book price sheets.

All text copy supplied should be 100% final. SignatureBook is not responsible for any spelling or punctuation errors.

Who owns the copyright in the photobook?
You must have the necessary rights for all content to be included in your photobook. Copyright in the content lies with the person who took the photograph or created the image and you may need permission from the photographer, artist or client before submitting images to us for inclusion in your photobook.

DIY photo album printing companies vs. SignatureBook. What is the difference?
There are now services available that allow people to create their own custom printed photo albums. However, like most things, you get what you pay for. The finished album, whilst a hard-cover book, often results in the content inside being a mish-mash of poor quality printed photos along with some captions; with little design consideration to the layout of the photos on the pages. These companies focus on volume, and therefore often do not maintain quality print control and colour consistency checks.

Trying to make a photo album book yourself via one of these large consumer oriented photo album printing companies is not going to have the same stylish high-end quality to that of a professionally designed and printed SignatureBook. A SignatureBook is a significantly superior product with an emphasis on custom design presentation of your images, together with quality printing, finishes and binding to create a book that will last. Creating a photo album book yourself not only takes time, but without the necessary knowledge - technically and creatively - to get the best out of your photos, the result may not end up being quite like the photobook you imagined.

At SignatureBook our graphic designer personally designs each page to create your own unique book. Available only at SignatureBook, we offer as options: premium heavy weight paper for text pages, large format book sizes and personally foiled black book slip-cases for that extra luxurious touch.

How long does it take to design, print and deliver a SignatureBook?
Six weeks from receiving a 50% initial payment as per supplied quote/invoice and all of your final images on CD/DVD and final text copy. This includes 2 days for you to approve finished book design PDF, prior to printing. International deliveries may incur a slightly longer delivery time.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept bank cheque, electronic bank transfer or PAYPAL.
Cancellation policy.
Book production commences immediately after receiving 50% payment of supplied quote/invoice, so that cancellations cannot be made or refunded. We will check the final printed book before sending it to you.
Photobook care recommendations.
SignatureBooks are printed on archival acid free paper using archival inks. The manufacturers estimate a lifetime of 85 years (in normal lighting conditions). We warrant no responsibility for the longevity of your SignatureBook, but recommend you store it in a dry place out of direct ultraviolet light. Do not bring the book into contact with solvents, cleaning products or sharp objects as they may damage the surface quality of both cover or inside pages of the book.